Register: Environmental Data Readiness Categories

URI: http://reference.metoffice.gov.uk/DataCategories/data-readiness    

Environmental Data Readiness Categories for Appropriate Use of Data.

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is a Register | concept scheme | Container
submitted bymo-marqh
accepted on 14 Jun 2022 08:02:29.751

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description Environmental Data Readiness Categories for Appropriate Use of Data.
is member of relation in scheme
label Environmental Data Readiness Categories
modified 1 Jun 2022 08:23:07.017
type Register | concept scheme | Container
version info 5
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Name Notation Description Types Status
3. Analysis ready Analysis-ready Analysis-ready data is unvalidated: available to others outsi... Concept , data readiness experimental
1. Application ready Application-ready Application-ready data is warrantied: available to be used in... Concept , data readiness experimental
2. Decision ready Decision-ready Decision-ready data is validated: available to be used for ma... Concept , data readiness experimental
4. Experimental Experimental Experimental data is created in the process of conducting dom... Concept , data readiness experimental