Register: Met Office Metadata Types

URI: http://reference.metoffice.gov.uk/DataCategories/metadata-types    

Metadata Types and definitions, categorising metadata.

Core metadata

is a Register | Container | concept scheme
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Download formats available

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description Metadata Types and definitions, categorising metadata.
is member of relation in scheme
label Met Office Metadata Types
modified 21 Mar 2024 10:44:57.875
type Register | Container | concept scheme
version info 9
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Name Notation Description Types Status
Collection Metadata CollectionMetadata Information encoded to enable browsing of a data asset in ord... Concept experimental
Content Metadata ContentMetadata Information encoded within a data distribution: a file, a tra... Concept experimental
Discovery Metadata DiscoveryMetadata Information describing the specification of a data asset, man... Concept experimental
Platform Metadata PlatformMetadata Information to describe and identify the platform used to cre... Concept experimental